Monday, July 30, 2012

38 Weeks

July 24 – July 30, 2012

 How far along? 38 weeks

How are you measuring? Not sure about this.  If I am still pregnant next week I will find out for sure!

Size of baby? The baby is 19.75 inches and 6.8 pounds – the size of leek???  

Baby Development This Week? Brain and nervous system is really the only thing developing at this point.  He continues to gain weight.     

Heartbeat? 135 at my 38 week doctor’s appointment on July 26th.

Total weight gain/loss?  This week I had lost 3 pounds bringing my total weight gain down to 19 pounds total. 

Maternity clothes? Yes!  Still wearing some dresses and tops that are not maternity.  The dress in my picture isn’t a maternity dress. 

Stretch marks? Surprisingly no!  Hoping I can hold out the next 2 weeks!  I’m so close, it would be such a surprise to escape this pregnancy with stretch marks! J     

Sleep? Sleep still has really not changed.  I am getting up 4-5 times to use the restroom most nights.  Thankfully I have had every other night of good sleep, so that has been really nice!     

Best moment this week? Had a great weekend with Barrett.  We had absolutely no plans and it was great!  Friday night we went out to eat and came home to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  Saturday we picked up the house, watched more of the Olympics, and then went out for dinner and a little shopping.  It was really nice to shop with Barrett since it really isn’t his favorite thing.  We picked up a few things we wanted for Lennox, bought Barrett some new school clothes, and even picked up new nail trimmers for Bindi!  After shopping we ate at Genghis Grill and stopped for yogurt before heading home.  I even made sure to take a picture before we left the house since I am still wondering when our last official date night before baby comes will be!  Here is a picture from our little shopping trip and date night!

Movement? Yes.  I am wondering if the movement has slowed or if I am just imagining it.  Toward the end of this week it seemed like he wasn’t making as many big movements as he had been.  He is still moving poking and pushing around in there regularly, but not with as much force.  I am hoping the reason is due to him running out of room and dropping lower.  He still gets the hiccups several times a week!  It just makes me smile!   

Food cravings?  No new cravings.  I feel like I have been hungrier this week, so he may be having another growth spurt.      

Gender predictions? Baby Boy – Lennox Allen! 

What I miss: I am not going to post anything I “miss” about not being pregnant this week.  I am starting to feel like once he gets here I will miss being pregnant and feeling his every movement.  Even though I might be uncomfortable and tire a lot easier, I am on the home stretch and will only be carrying this little one a short time longer.  I want to savor every moment!

What I'm looking forward to: Still looking forward to having the little guy!  I am anxious and nervous about the whole labor process – mainly because I just really don’t know what to expect.  I just wonder if I will be one of the few women who my water will break?  Will I have regular contractions and go to the hospital, or will he be so comfy in there that I will have to be induced past my due date?  There are just so many unknowns, but I am looking forward to the entire experience!

How are you feeling? Feeling good!  Again, I really can’t complain.  Every day chores and even work days wear me down, but besides lack of energy, I have been feeling great.         

Symptoms? I am still experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions and dull cramping, but I have been able to stay hydrated better this week and they haven’t been unable to manage.  Other than that – no new symptoms from last week!      

Sunday, July 29, 2012

13th Doctor's Appt. - 38 Weeks

13th Doctor’s Appointment – 38 weeks

On Thursday, July 26, I had my 38 week doctor’s appointment.  Since my Braxton Hick’s contractions had picked up throughout the week I was anxious to see if I had progressed any and was getting closer to having this baby! 

My weight continues to confuse me a bit.  I had actually lost 3 pounds this week compared to my last appointment, but there are several things that might have contributed to the loss.  One – I was being weighed at a different location of my doctor’s office, so it was  a different scale. Two- my appointment was first thing in the morning, so I hadn’t had lunch and the day to drink on water like the last appointment. 

I am never good at remembering my blood pressure, but it has been in the good to normal range.  Lennox’s heart rate was 135.  The doctor came in and took the measurement of my belly, and sadly, I didn’t remember to ask her what she measured!  After being measured she checked me and told me she could feel the baby’s head, I was 1cm dilated and thinned out more since my last appointment.  I was pretty excited that my body slowly but surely was doing what it was suppose to do! 

After getting all my measurements, my doctor started talking with me about “exit strategies”.  She asked how I felt about being induced and I told her that I really didn’t want to be induced, but it would be nice for my family out of town to know when the baby would be born so they could be here for the birth.  My doctor told me that she could induce me on August 1st.  Her reasoning was that I was progressing on my own, and she is going to be out of town starting August 2nd – August 12th (the entire week of my due date).  I think I was just absolutely shocked this might be an option and hadn’t thought this would be presented to me this early.  I told her I wanted to talk with Barrett and then I would call the office and let them know what our decision would be.  I had to wait to discuss with Barrett so I called and talked to my family.  It is pretty amazing that I was so torn about the decision when it was first presented to me, because while I was talking to my family it was so clear that I needed to wait!  There really is no health benefit to going for an induction at this point for me or Lennox.  So, I go back to the doctor on Thursday, August 2nd (if Lennox doesn’t decide to come earlier).  My doctor’s appointment will be with a doctor I have seen one other time  in the office's practice that I really liked, so I am excited to in a way get a “second opinion” on my pregnancy and late pregnancy decisions.  We’ll see if we make it to my next appointment! J  

Monday, July 23, 2012

37 Weeks

July 17 – July 23, 2012

How far along? 37 weeks

How are you measuring? Behind, but not sure how behind.  If you saw my post about my 37 week doctor’s appointment you saw where I had to have an ultrasound because I was measuring smaller than at my previous appointment.  However, he is measuring right on track!  The doctor thinks I was measuring behind due to him dropping!     

Size of baby? Based on the app on my phone the baby is 19.25 inches and 6.3 pounds – the size of swiss chard???  Based on the ultrasound I had on 7/18, he was measuring 6 pounds and 14 ounces! 

Baby Development This Week? He is considered full term this week and all of his organs should be fully developed at this point!  I have read where the next couple weeks his brain is continuing to develop. 

Heartbeat? In the mid 140’s at my doctor’s visit July 18th.

Total weight gain/loss?  I had gained 2 more pounds making my total 22 pounds! 

Maternity clothes? Yes!

Stretch marks? Not yet!  I am pretty amazed that I don’t have any stretch marks on my belly to this point.  It literally looks like I have a very large basketball in there!  Barrett and I crack up every night when I am putting on my pajamas at how big my belly is! 

Sleep? Oh sleep ---where do I begin for this week?  Sleep has definitely been a touch and go.  I have either slept really good or really terrible.  I can honestly say this week has been one of the most miserable in terms of pregnancy symptoms.  I am very careful to complain still because I still feel my pregnancy symptoms have been mild.   I know there were at least 3 nights during the week that I had to use the restroom 5 times during the night and early morning hours!  Also, my Braxton Hicks contractions have definitely picked up, and I am starting to feel like it is getting closer to delivery time.  I’ll talk more about that in the symptoms part!   

Best moment this week? Barrett and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary this week!  Our anniversary technically was July 19, but since it fell during the week we waited until the weekend to celebrate.  On Saturday we celebrated with dinner and a movie date night.  We went to see The Dark Knight Rises and then went to eat at PF Changs – one of our favorite restaurants.  It was nice to spend a night out with my best friend.  We kept wondering if it might be one of the last date nights we are able to have for awhile!     

Movement? He is still moving!  At my doctor’s appointment the ultrasound tech was able to point at my belly and let me know what body parts I have been feeling in what area.  It is neat to be able to know now the generally position he is in and know what he is bumping me with!    

Food cravings?  Can’t say I have had any new cravings.  Bananas have been good to me again this week.  I even made banana bread with some of our bananas that were going bad over the weekend.    

Gender predictions? Baby Boy – Lennox Allen!  And I made sure to have the ultrasound tech confirm again that he is a boy! 

What I miss: I am missing sleep and being comfortable!  This week has really taken a toll on my body.  I can’t tell that he is really growing, but I’m just getting anxious for the end and being able to feel like myself again!      

What I'm looking forward to: Meeting this little one!  Really we have nothing else on our agenda – no weekend plans or anything.  The only thing now is have this baby!

How are you feeling? Feeling tired and trying to enjoy these last days and weeks of being pregnant.  I have heard many moms talk about how you miss the movement and the little one being inside you, so I am trying to savor every moment (even the uncomfortable ones!).       

Symptoms? My body is starting to show signs of false labor or early labor.  I say false labor because nothing has been completely consistent, but I can tell each day I am getting closer.  Thursday (7/19) I started feeling pretty rough.  I was having dull cramping and by the time I got home from work I started timing my Braxton Hicks contractions.  The contractions didn’t hurt, but were uncomfortable and very tight.  They ranged from 8 minutes apart to 15 minutes apart. By the time I got settled in bed things had calmed down.  Saturday night (really Sunday morning) I had a rough time from 3am-5pm with dull low cramping, but again it went away.  Saturday afternoon until Saturday evening the cramping was back.  I have been having different feelings, but nothing like the contractions Thursday night.  From what I read, I am probably experiencing early labor, but this stage can last days to weeks.  I just wish I knew when he was coming!!!    

Sunday, July 22, 2012

12th Doctor's Appt. - 37 Weeks

12th Doctor’s Appointment – 37 Weeks

I had my 37 week appointment on Wednesday, July 18th.  Technically it wasn’t a weekly appointment since I had just been to the doctor the Friday before, but my doctor was going to be out of town Thursday and Friday. 

The morning of my appointment I thought I noticed a little more pressure at the bottom of my belly like maybe little man had “dropped”, but then I thought I might just be thinking things were changing since I am nearing my due date. 

I had gained 2 more pounds since my last appointment – making my total weight gain at this point 22 pounds.  My blood pressure was good, but was a little higher than my blood pressure had been.  The nurse and doctor were not concerned, but made the comment it was “higher for me”.  I can’t remember exactly what it was.  Lennox’s heart rate was in the 140’s – perfect.  My doctor came in to measure my belly and do the check of my cervix for any changes.  After she measured my belly she had quite the puzzled look on her face.  I didn’t get the exact measurement, but she said I “was measuring quite a bit smaller than I was on Friday at my appointment”.  I mentioned to her about feeling like the baby may have dropped and she said that could be the reason why but asked me to stay for an ultrasound so they could check everything out and make sure the baby was doing ok.  She did the check of my cervix and stated that she could tell the baby had dropped and that I was about “a finger tip dilated”.  I was pretty excited that I was correct about the baby dropping!  Then I started getting just a little nervous about the ultrasound.  I knew everything would be ok with Lennox – I had felt him moving all day long.  I immediately thought about the fact that if something weren’t right they might want to induce.  This was really the only “fear” I had in my mind that might come up.  I was also pretty excited that I would get another chance to see the little man since I wasn’t suppose to have any more ultrasounds! 

I didn’t have to wait too long for the ultrasound!  It was great to see him on the screen!  Sure enough he is head down and growing just fine!  The ultrasound tech measured different parts of his body and everything was measuring average and right on track!  She could tell he was practicing his breathing and was moving around a lot!  She also stated he was weighing in at 6 pounds 14 ounces!  I was a little shocked about this total since my due date was just under 3 weeks away.  Seems like that would be a lot of time for him to pack on the pounds and be a big baby!  It was great to see him on the screen and know that everything is going as it should!  The best part of the ultrasound was the very end when the ultrasound tech snapped a picture for me!  Look at how flexible our little man is – if you look closely you can see his profile and then his little foot and toes are right next to his nose!  That so does not look comfortable to me, but I think it is just too too cute! 

My next doctor’s appointment is Thursday, July 26th.  I am anxious to see if there are any changes that show we might be closer to meeting our little one!     

Monday, July 16, 2012

36 Weeks

July 10 – July 16, 2012

How far along? 36 weeks

How are you measuring? 36 weeks as of my doctor’s appointment 6/13. 

Size of baby? The baby is measuring 18.75 inches and 5.75 pounds! - the size of a Crenshaw melon (whatever that is!).

Baby Development This Week? The baby is continuing to gain weight!    

Heartbeat? 147 at the doctor’s appointment on July 13.

Total weight gain/loss?  20 pounds as of Friday, July 13th at the doctor. 

Maternity clothes? Yes!

Stretch marks? Not yet.  I am lotioning up every time I think about it.  Here lately my belly starts itching at random times and I try to not scratch and just apply lotion.  We’ll see if the stretch marks hold of the rest of the pregnancy!

Sleep? I am having a little bit of hard time with getting comfortable.  I have to sleep with a pillow between my legs another pillow under my belly that I hold on to and then the one under my head.  I still feel like I would be more comfortable on my back (I am not supposed to be laying flat on my back in bed) but I have tried to stick it out on my sides.  Usually the side I lay on is the side that little man finally gets settled on and will stop kicking me hard!  I am still using the restroom 4 and now sometimes 5 times a night. 

Best moment this week? Barrett had to go to a 7 on 7 football tournament in Arkansas on Thurs – Saturday, so my mother in law, sister in law, and nieces came to stay with me a couple nights so I wouldn’t be by myself!  It was so nice to have company and not be alone!  Also on Saturday I ran errands and picked up some of our last minute baby needs with gift cards we had received at our baby shower.  It was fun to shop and pick up items for our little man!        

Movement? He is still moving and poking me!  I don’t think he has enough room to really kick, but he definitely sticks his rear end out and I can feel feet or elbows (not really sure).  He is pretty active.  He doesn’t wake me up at night moving and I feel him a lot during the day.  It makes me feel like he sleeps when I sleep and is awake when I’m awake!  I know this will not be the case when he is born, but it is nice now!    

Food cravings?  I had a craving for a peanut butter and banana sandwich after someone at work mentioned having one at work.  It was pretty funny!  Since that time I have had 3 or 4!

Gender predictions? Baby Boy – Lennox Allen!

What I miss: Just missing the same things I have mentioned in past weeks – being able to bend down, having energy, and not having a belly in the way all the time.  I miss having abdominal muscles that make it possible to easily get in and out of bed!  Ha!  

What I'm looking forward to: Barrett and I will be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary this week.  I am sure we will wait until this weekend to celebrate.  It is hard to believe we only have a few more weekends before we will have another little member of our family.  I hope to enjoy having my husband to myself (besides sharing him with football) these last few weeks!

How are you feeling? Feeling good.  Starting to get a little nervous about labor, delivery, and postpartum, but I’m sure everything will be just fine.  People have babies every day right?        

Symptoms? My Braxton hicks contractions have picked up and move almost the entirety of my belly instead of just down low.  Other than that, I really haven’t experienced new symptoms!         

Sunday, July 15, 2012

11th Doctor's Appointment - 36 weeks!

11th Doctor’s Appointment – 36 weeks

On Friday, July 13, 2012, I had my first of my weekly doctor’s appointments at 36 weeks. 

I was a little more apprehensive about this appointment since I knew my doctor would be checking me for dilation, and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The appointment started as all the others – check in, urine sample, weight, baby’s heart rate, my blood pressure, and the belly measurement.  I had gained 2 more pounds since my last appointment making my total weight gain 20 pounds.  My blood pressure checked out really good, but I can’t remember exactly what it was!  Little man was hilarious while the nurse was trying to get his heart rate.  He would not stop moving.  It took her at least five minutes before she was finally able to measure his heart rate at 147 BPM.  My doctor came in and measured my belly.  She said I was measuring right on track, but didn’t give me the exact measurement, so I am assuming I measured at 36cm.  After getting my belly checked it was time to check for dilation.  It was not comfortable at all, and I am sure I will be dreading my next check, but she did tell me that I was not dilated, but she could tell that the baby was head down!  Yay!  She said she was pleased with everything and things were looking great. 

I will go back to the doctor on Wednesday, July 18th for my 37 week appointment.  My doctor is going to be out of town Thursday and Friday, so I had to go on Wednesday even though it is not exactly one week from the last appointment.  Will see if I am still closed or dilated any!  Can’t believe our little man’s due date is only a little over 3 weeks away! 

Reid & Lisa's Wedding!!!

On July 3, Barrett, Bindi, and I headed to Texas for my brother and Lisa's long awaited wedding festivities!  We made it to Texas late July 3 and had the 4th to recover before going in full wedding mode! 

July 5, was the day of the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Here are a few pictures from the rehearsal...
Practicing positions for the next day!

Almost husband and wife!

Looking super happy!

Then it was time for the rehearsal dinner! My parents held the rehearsal dinner at the hotel where most of the wedding guests stayed.  It was really convenient for everyone and the room was perfect! 

Mom did a great job making sure the centerpieces complimented the room! 

Had to snap a quick picture with my nana while we were waiting on the food to be set up!

And the hosts of the rehearsal dinner!

Me with my momma! 

3 generations (4 if you include the little one in my belly)!

The bride and groom with Nana!

Bride and Groom and Mom and Dad!

My and my hubby!  He was so great to help dad with setting up and carrying in all the rehearsal dinner set up stuff! 

The rehearsal dinner was great and the evening was nice to stay at the hotel and not be rushing around driving a ton! 

Then it was wedding day!!!!

I didn't do a good job of taking pictures before the wedding, but here is what I do have...

Me and my handsome hubby at the beautiful reception! 

This is sadly the only picture I personallly took of the bride and groom!  Sorry Lisa - I caught you mid-bite! 

A picture with the bride and groom!  Love this one!

My beautiful mother and mother of the groom! 

My daddy!  Father of the groom and best man!

Me and B with Mom and Dad

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and perfect for Reid and Lisa!  I am so happy they are finally married and now I can officially say she is my sister in law! 

I wish them a lifetime of happiness! Love you both!  Thank you for letting us be a part of this special time in your lives!  

Monday, July 9, 2012

35 Weeks

July 3 – July 9, 2012

How far along? 35 weeks

How are you measuring? Still think I am measuring a week behind – so 34 weeks.

Size of baby? The baby is measuring 18 inches and 5.25 pounds! - the size of a honeydew melon. 

Baby Development This Week? At this point, all the baby’s major organs are nearly complete!     

Heartbeat? 143 at the doctor’s appointment on June 28.

Total weight gain/loss?  I am thinking I gained 2 more pounds this week making my total weight gain 20 pounds.  I will know my weight gain for sure at my doctor’s appointment on the 13th. 

Maternity clothes? Yes!

Stretch marks? Not yet.  I feel like my belly is getting bigger by the day, so we will see if the no stretch mark streak continues!   

Sleep? I feel like I am back to using the restroom more during the night.  I am getting up 3 and sometimes 4 times a night to use the restroom.  I am also starting to get uncomfortable and have trouble getting into a comfortable “appropriate” position for sleep.  The most comfortable way for me to lay continues to be on my back and I am not suppose to be sleeping on my back!     

Best moment this week? Being a part of my brother’s wedding!  He and Lisa were married on July 6 and Barrett and I were in the wedding.  It was great to see them finally say “I do” and to see many close family and friends.  I am so so happy for them!  

Movement? Still moving a lot during the day!  Some pokes are stronger and almost hurt.  I can definitely tell when bony things are poking me, but I still cannot tell what body parts are doing the poking! 

Food cravings?  While we were in Texas for my brother’s wedding I was able to feed the snow cone craving with one of my favorites – Bahama Bucks!  We had snow cones twice while I was there and they were great!  I could also tell that little man was having a growth spurt because my appetite was ridiculous in Texas!  

Gender predictions? Baby Boy – Lennox Allen!

What I miss: I miss being able to bend down without much effort or pain!  I can also feel my belly sitting on the tops of my thighs now – which is hysterical to me. 

What I'm looking forward to: I am working on finishing up Lennox’s laundry and nursery stuff for his arrival.  I am also working on packing our hospital bag.  There are a few fun things we are going to purchase with gift cards we received at our shower, and I’m also looking forward to picking up those things.  

How are you feeling? I think I am at the beginning of feeling big and uncomfortable.  I am also pretty tired after our trip to Texas, but overall I still feel like I can’t complain.        

Symptoms? I have had minor heart burn with a few meals, but thankfully Tums have been able to cure the discomfort.  Other than that symptom – everything has been pretty minor.       

Monday, July 2, 2012

34 Weeks

June 26 – July 2, 2012

How far along? 34 weeks

How are you measuring? My belly has been measuring a week behind, so I am measuring 33 weeks.

Size of baby? The baby is measuring 17.75 inches and 4.75 pounds! - the size of a cantaloupe.

Baby Development This Week? The baby’s lungs are continuing to mature.  Another interesting fact is that he is urinating about a pint a day in utero!  

Heartbeat? 143 at the doctor’s appointment on June 28.

Total weight gain/loss?  I had gained 3 more pounds since my last doctor’s visit on June 28th.  This makes my total weight gain 18 pounds so far!

Maternity clothes? Yes!

Stretch marks? My belly is really growing and stretching.  I have been lathering up with lotion every time I think about it, especially because it has started to itch!  We’ll see if the stretch marks appear – I am preparing myself that they will! 

Sleep? Sleep is still ok. I don’t know that I am resting as well as before, but I haven’t been just overly tired, so that is a plus!  One funny thing that I have really noticed is that he really hates it when I lay on my sides.  I am suppose to be sleeping on my sides and not my back due to the pressure the baby puts on your circulation when you are laying on your back.  However, Lennox just hates it when I lay on my sides!  He punches, kicks, rolls, and is not shy about making me move!  Barrett told me I start out sleeping on my sides, but during the night I will move to sleeping on my back!  I am trying to be conscientious about it, but not stress too much about sleeping on my back!

Best moment this week? I had a WONDERFUL shower with my other family (B’s family/friends) this weekend!  I really can’t believe all the baby goodies we received.  We are so humbled by the gifts and the thoughtfulness of our friends and family with the upcoming arrival of this little one.  So many people helped to make food for the shower while so many others came by and gave us really great gifts!  Sometimes saying “thank you” just doesn’t feel like enough!  We appreciate everyone so much! 

Movement? Still moving a ton!  I have been pretty uncomfortable with his movements this week.  I think he is letting me know he is moving out of room in there – and it doesn’t feel like he is happy about it!  

Food cravings?  I had a craving for watermelon this week!  I ate the whole thing in about 5 days all by myself – and it wasn’t a small watermelon either!!!!

Gender predictions? Baby Boy – Lennox Allen!

What I miss: The heat is really draining me, so I am missing cooler weather!  We have also done quite a bit of traveling this week and will be doing more next week.  I miss being able to ride long distances in the car without using the restroom or having to stop to exercise my restless legs!   
What I'm looking forward to: My brother is getting married this week!  I am so excited to be a part of his special day!!! 

How are you feeling? Still feeling good!  

Symptoms? Just plain HOT with the extreme temperatures this week.  No new symptoms to talk about, I’m just experiencing the same ones I have been writing about in week’s past.     

10th Doctor's Appointment - 34 weeks

On Thursday, June 28th, I had my 10th doctor’s appointment! 
Just a side note as I write this post – I cannot believe I have been to the doctor this much!  I can honestly say this is the most I have been to the doctor in my life!  I was also talking to Barrett this week about how when I have the baby this will be the first time I have ever been in the hospital besides when I was born!  Just a little random thing I wanted to share….

Anyway, back to the appointment.  This was another in and out appointment that only took about 20 minutes.  I did the normal routine of:  checking in, urine sample, weigh in, blood pressure check, baby heart rate check, measurement of my belly, and visit with my doctor.  I have gained 3 pounds since my last doctor’s appointment, making my total weight gain 18 pounds.  My blood pressure is still really good (I can’t remember exactly what it was).  Lennox’s heart rate was 143 and was super easy for the nurse to find!  My doctor came in and measured my belly.  I am still measuring a week behind, but she is not concerned since I am gaining weight and I have been consistently measuring behind anyway.  Then my doctor talked to me a little bit about the future appointments.  My next appointment on Friday, July 13, is my 36 week appointment.  At this appointment they will begin checking my cervix for thinning and dilation.  After that appointment I will go to the doctor weekly until Lennox is born. 

I know I keep saying it in my posts, but I really can’t believe we are getting ready to have a baby.  This time has really flown by.  It seems like just yesterday we were telling everyone we were having a baby in August and it is almost here! 

I am so thankful that this pregnancy has been healthy and easy for me.  I hope that the labor and delivery are just as easy!!! J