Monday, March 26, 2012

20 Weeks

March 20 – 26, 2012

How far along?  20 weeks                   

How are you measuring? 20 weeks

Size of baby? 6.5 inches and 10.6 ounces – about the size of a small cantaloupe

Baby Development this Week? This week baby boy has developed taste buds and is gulping several ounces of amniotic fluid each day.    

Heartbeat?   146 at our doctor’s appointment on March 19.

Total weight gain/loss? Based upon my doctor’s appointment on March 19, I have only gained 4 pounds.  I am thinking that I at least gained another pound this week (based on daily home weights).  Making my total weight gain 5 pounds.     

Maternity clothes? Yes.  There are still a few pair of elastic waist pants I have been able to wear to work and one pair of my jeans.  Of course, I can still wear all my t-shirts and sweat/lounge around the house clothes.  I can still wear some regular shirts, but do like the comfort of all my maternity clothes. 

Stretch marks? No

Sleep? Much better.  I still have a couple nights a week where I seem to toss and turn, but I have been sleeping better overall.     

Best moment this week? Some of my very close family friends, Emily and Todd, came and stayed a night with us.  It was so great to have girl time and girl talk with someone who is like my family!

Movement?   Yes!  Towards the last part of this week I have really noticed him moving more.  He especially likes to move after I start eating!  We laugh and say he likes food as much as we do! 

Food cravings? I had a craving for Pho soup and also Chipotle, but sadly, I didn’t act on the craving! 

Gender predictions?  We have a little man on our hands – based upon our March 19th appointment.   

What I miss: I am really starting to miss my figure.  I still feel fortunate when people have told me I still look little considering I’m halfway, but I am really having to get use to having this bump around my middle! 

What I'm looking forward to: Our babymoon to New York is quickly coming up!  I’m also starting to look forward to Easter and my birthday! 

How are you feeling? I’ve been feeling good.  I traveled a lot for work one day this week and by the time I got home all I could do was eat and lay on the couch all night.  I was exhausted!  Other than that, I’ve been feeling great!

 Symptoms? No real symptoms to report this week.  My complexion hasn't been the greatest, but I have always struggled with it!

Monday, March 19, 2012

19 Weeks

March 13 – 19th, 2012

 How far along?  19 weeks

How are you measuring? 19 weeks
Size of baby?  6 inches or the size of an heirloom tomato.  The baby weighs 8.5 ounces.  The ultrasound tech today told us that the baby weighed 11 ounces and that we were right on track! 
Baby Development this Week? The baby is developing a protective covering that is greasy and white over his/her skin called vernix caseosa.  The baby is now working on his/her 5 senses.  Nerve cells for sense of taste, hearing, sight, and smell are developing in his/her brain.  

Heartbeat?  146 at doctor’s appointment today (March 19, for the 20 week appointment)!!!

Total weight gain/loss? 4 pounds total!  I was worried that my doctor wouldn’t be happy, but they seemed fine with my weight gain.  I have been adding additional calories to my diet, but I’m not putting on those pounds just yet!  I know they are coming!    

Maternity clothes? Some!  I actually was able to find maternity pants and jeans at the GAP that were long enough!  I wore a pair of pants to work the next day and was so comfortable!  I also wore a pair of maternity jeans and a shirt on Friday.  I am still able to wear some of my regular clothes, but I am making the transition to maternity!

Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep?   I’ve had several rough nights this week from just tossing and turning.  I honestly think I am having a hard time getting comfortable, so I finally bought another pillow.  I didn’t want to pay the money specifically for the maternity pillows they sell now, and I was hoping to find a body pillow.  Instead, I settled for a large king size pillow.  So far I have only slept two nights with the new pillow, but I have been sleeping better.  For bathroom breaks I am waking up around 1am and 4am but I have been able to fall back asleep. 

Best moment this week? The best moment of the week was going in for our anatomy ultrasound at our 20 week appointment, seeing our baby again, and finding out we are having a boy!!!! Other great moments this week were setting the baby crib up, and enjoying having a weekend at home after being out of town the last two.   

Movement? Yes!  At the beginning of the week I wasn’t able to feel the baby consistently and there were a couple days I didn’t feel him/her at all.  Later in the week I have been feeling him/her way more consistently.  Mostly I feel movement a little while after eating or when I lay down to go to sleep.  B was able to feel the baby move for the first time this week!  It was just a slight poke but he felt him/her!  It was a neat moment, and I can’t wait for the pokes to turn more into kicks.  During our ultrasound at the doctor’s appointment our little one wouldn’t stop moving!  The tech had a really hard time getting good pictures of the heart because he was moving and grooving!   
Food cravings? No major cravings this week.  I think the craving for potatoes has finally subsided.  I still like potatoes, but I don’t HAVE to one like before! 
Gender predictions? We found out today – IT’s A BOY!!!! 
What I miss: I’m still missing the things I have written about in my others posts: sleep and being in shape.  I’m starting to miss my clothes fitting! 

What I'm looking forward to: Now that we know we are having a little boy,  I am looking forward to getting the nursery together and starting to register!  I am also really looking forward to our Babymoon to New York!   

How are you feeling? Feeling good!
Symptoms? My restless leg has been pretty bad a few nights this week.  Also my belly has started to ache a bit to accommodate the little one.  I also started having Braxton Hicks contractions this week.  Really no major symptoms that are unbearable!

We're Having A.... - 5th Doctor's Appt.

I have to admit the big thing on my mind for this doctor's appointment was, "Is it a girl or a boy?"  I was so ready to find out what we were having that I couldn't stand it. 

Our appointment was Monday, March 19th at 3pm.  Barrett met me at the doctor's office, so he could be with me to look at our little one on the ultrasound and find out pink or blue! 

I had to drink 32 ounces of water before the visit and needless to say, I was DYING to use the restroom by the time the ultrasound tech called us back! 

As soon as she positioned me on the table I told her we were dying to know the sex of the baby and she could go ahead and tell us - she did, but just to keep the blog suspenseful I will share with you these cute images first....

Profile shot of Baby E! Look at how much he/she has grown!!!

And another cute profile shot! 

Now, I realize the next few images might look a little creepy, but our little one is playing a game of peek-a-boo with hands near its little face!  So sweet!  

And another peek-a-boo shot!

We are thrilled to announce that we are indeed having a little baby BOY!!!! As soon as the tech told us it was a boy, B jumped out of the stool he was sitting on with fists in the air saying, "Yes!  Yes!"  He was so excited!  The little one was also really excited to show us his "goods" because that was all he was showing the tech while she was trying to get pictures of his little organs! 

Everything looked great on him!  It was so nice to hear the tech show us everything and say it looked good.  We had to work awhile to get a good picture of his heart due to his movement, but once he was still it looked great.  His heart rate was 146 and he is weighing in at a whopping 11 ounces!  Right on track!  Mommy is doing good and has so far only gained 4 pounds!!!  The doctor seemed really pleased with the progress and even though I questioned my minimal weight gain he told me that baby was obviously getting all the nourishment he needed! 

We are just so thrilled to be having a healthy baby BOY!!!! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baby E Has a Crib!

Our Saturday morning project was setting up the baby crib.  I know B thought I was crazy for wanting to go ahead and set up the crib this early, but I had several reasons for wanting to go ahead and get this project done.  First, we gave away our guest bed over 3 weeks ago and the room has been very empty!  I don't like an empty room!  Second, we find out tomorrow if Baby E is a girl or a boy, so I want to be able to focus on decorating and other things.  Here's a picture after we removed everything from the crib box and started reading the directions.  Notice we had a little helper with the crib set up! 

I was really happy with the crib I had picked out the more we started putting it together.  I really liked the stain of wood and the overall look of the crib.  I think B really liked that the crib only took a little over an hour to put together!  It really was pretty simple, and we didn't have to take anything apart to start over!  Here's another action shot when we were over halfway finished!

And the final product!  We still haven't bought the crib mattrress, but I am sure I'll be buying one soon!  I feel so much better (and ahead of the ballgame) having the crib set up in the room! 

I hope Baby E likes his/her new bed! 

Awesome Lotion!

One of B's mom's cousins, Joy, introduced me to this awesome lotion that you mix together on your own!  It has just the right amount of moisture without leaving you feeling oily!  I have been lathering up and especially putting it on my belly in the mornings.  Another bonus is it smells like baby lotion! Who doesn't love that smell? 

Anyway, all you need are the following ingredients:
              • 4 ounces of Vaseline
              • 8 ounces of Vitamin E Cream
              • 16 ounces of Johnson's Baby Lotion
I usually just mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl with the mixer in the kitchen.  Mix all ingredients until they are mixed well together.  Be prepared that you will need a pretty large container to store your new lotion in! 
And enjoy! 

Monday, March 12, 2012

18 Weeks

March 6 – March 12, 2012

How far along? 18 weeks

How are you measuring? 18 weeks

Size of baby? The baby is measuring 5.6 inches and 6.7 ounces - the size of a sweet potato.
Baby Development This Week? The baby is now able to yawn, hiccup, suck and swallow in the womb.  The baby is also able to kick, roll, punch and twist. 
 Heartbeat? 146 at the doctor’s appointment on February 17th.

Total weight gain/loss?  Still thinking maybe 2 pounds based on my daily weights. I will have a more accurate total after my doctor’s appointment next week. 

Maternity clothes? Still wearing 2 pairs of my regular jeans and my regular pants to work.  Thankfully using the belly belt has saved me from switching to only maternity pants!
Stretch marks? No

Sleep? I can’t complain too much about sleep.  I still get up 1-2 times to use the restroom, but I have been able to go back to sleep.  The time change of “springing forward” has messed my body up a little bit, and I hate waking up in the morning when it is still dark outside!
Best moment this week? Going to Nashville for a quick night stay.  Saturday we drove to Nashville and went to eat with B’s brother, his girlfriend, his girlfriend’s brother, and one of B’s friends Kristopher.  After eating we went to the Nashville Predator’s hockey game and stayed the night at a hotel.  It was a nice quick get-a-way.  I am mad at myself because I didn’t take any pictures! 
 Movement? Still feeling a few pokes here and there.  I have felt the baby move the most consistently after I eat lunch and sit at my desk at work.  Still just feeling little pokes, but it has to be the baby!
Food cravings? No crazy cravings, but I really wanted an ice cream cone after the hockey game on Saturday night, so B and I walked to Mike’s Ice Cream on the strip downtown in Nashville.   
Gender predictions? We find out in less than a week, and we are SO ready! B and most everyone in the family seems to be leaning towards boy, but I still haven’t had my heart set on either one! 

What I miss: I’m starting to miss my somewhat flat stomach.  Here lately I have started to notice how my belly is starting to get in my way!  I’m not very big, but lifting my feet to tie my shoes and little things like that are starting to feel a little uncomfortable. 
What I'm looking forward to: Looking forward to our doctor’s appointment Monday, March 19, still looking forward to our trip to New York.
 How are you feeling? I’m still feeling great!
Symptoms? I had my first ever in my life nose bleed on Sunday morning.  I have read that when you are pregnant the capillaries in your nose expand and sometimes cause congestion or dryness and sometimes nosebleeds.  Also, I have been experiencing “restless leg syndrome”.  I have always experienced this when I’ve been walking a lot or sitting for a long time, but it seems I have this more now that I’m pregnant.  Other than that – I really haven’t had any other symptoms.

Monday, March 5, 2012

17 Weeks

February 28 – March 5, 2012

How far along? 17 weeks

How are you measuring? 17 weeks

Size of baby? The baby is measuring 5.1 inches and 5.9 ounces - the size of an onion.

Baby Development This Week? The baby’s rubbery cartilage is turning to bone and he/she is beginning to develop some fat.  The umbilical cord is also becoming stronger and thicker.

Heartbeat? 146 at the doctor’s appointment on February 17th.

Total weight gain/loss?  .4 pounds based upon my weekly weights.  It may be better for me to update this after doctor’s appointments for more of an “accurate” calculation. 

Maternity clothes? I have been wearing some maternity shirts, but I am trying to still save wearing the pants.  Joy (one of B’s mom’s cousins) bought me a belly belt that attaches inside my pants to expand them.  Basically I can leave the pants unbuttoned and unzipped and a panel hides everything. The belt has two different sizes and right now I can use the first size.  I’m hoping this will give me several more weeks of wearing my regular pants. 

Stretch marks? No

Sleep? At the beginning of this week I was sleeping a lot better!  I only woke up once to use the restroom!  However, later in the week I have really been tossing and turning.  I can still somewhat sleep on my belly, but I do sometimes sleep on my back.  All the material I am reading says I no longer need to sleep on my back because the pressure from my uterus cuts of circulation to my lower back and legs.  I  woke up a couple times during the night the last few nights on my back!  I think now knowing I shouldn’t sleep on my back is making it hard for me to get comfortable.  I may invest in a maternity pillow soon – I just can’t decide what kind to buy.  

Best moment this week? Going on a date with my hubby!  We went to our first Memphis Grizzlies game on Wednesday night.  It was actually a benefit for my work, but it just so happened they were playing the Dallas Mavericks!  We went to eat and then headed to the game.  Check out the blog post here. 

 Movement? YES!!! I felt the baby move for the first time on Friday, March 2!  We were driving to B’s parent’s house for the weekend and had been in the car about an hour and a half.  It was 6:30pm and I was getting pretty hungry and tired of being in the car.  I felt a little “poke” and told Barrett that I thought I felt the baby move, but I wished it would do it again so I would know for sure.  Sure enough, about a minute or two later I felt 2 more “pokes”.  I can honestly say that is the first time I for sure knew it was the baby.  I didn’t feel it anymore that night, but Sunday when we were driving home I felt it again.  Then on Sunday after dinner I felt him/her more.  I am excited to start feeling this little one more and more, and really can’t wait for Barrett to be able to feel it! 

Food cravings? Still loving potatoes and sweets. 

Gender predictions? We find out in less than two weeks and I can’t stand it! 

What I miss: I finally started a normal walking routine this week, and I can’t believe how out of shape I feel!  After walking close to 1.5 miles I feel exhausted!  I am hoping to build up my walking distance more and more each week, but I have never just walked and felt winded.  I guess I miss being in good enough shape to just go out and run – now I feel tired just walking!  

What I'm looking forward to: Looking forward to our next doctor’s appointment on March 19, and looking forward to our Babymoon at the end of March to New York!

 How are you feeling? Still feeling good!  I hope this pregnancy continues to be this easy!

Symptoms? The only symptom I have noticed this week is heightened sense of smell.  I have been smelling things that others around me have hardly noticed and when they can smell what I’m smelling it is usually TERRIBLE to me! 

Grizz Game Date Night

For Valentine’s Day I bought Barrett a pair of Memphis Grizzly tickets. It was perfect because buying the tickets was a benefit for my work and The Grizz were playing the Dallas Mavericks!

So, on Wednesday, Barrett and I were able to use the tickets and go on a date!  It was a little weird going on a date on a week night – we are such homebodies during the week! 

We met downtown and walked to dinner.   We decided to eat at Kooky Canuck because B hadn’t ever eaten there.  Barrett had a prime rib sandwich with cheese corn and french fries. I had fried pickles as an appetizer, a cheeseburger, and French fries. 
 It was SO GOOD!

After we finished eating we walked to the game.  We sat up pretty high – ok really high, but we could still see the game pretty well.  The game was fun and it went back and forth quite a bit.  We decided to leave after the 3rd quarter since we had to drive home and go to work the next day.  Unfortunately, the Mavericks couldn’t pull off a win, but we still had a great time. 

I love going on dates with my husband!