Friday, October 29, 2010

Scavenger Hunts

Some of the kids at the high school have been doing scavenger hunts on Saturday nights. I think it is a great idea, since there really isn't a whole lot for them to do in our town. We were involved in two of the scavenger hunts. The picture above is fulfilling one of the requirements to take a picture of us in sport's team hats. These were the only hats we had (plus Barrett was trying to be funny and take a picture in his helmet from his "glory days").
For another scavenger hunt every member on the team had to get in our bathtub and take a picture! Good thing I had just cleaned the bathroom!

Oh the things we have done for these scavenger hunts....
Who knows what will be next!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Game #9 against Fairview *HOMECOMING*

Friday was Homecoming for the Lewis County Panthers. Above is a picture of the Homecoming Court. The court is made up of an attendant from each class (including a senior attendant) and the senior Homecoming Queen. They even have a flower girl and crown bearer!

Above is a picture of the court with the Lewis County Cheerleaders.
Below is the picture of the sign for the game. Fairview's mascot is a Yellow jacket. The sign says, "Swat 'em 2010 Homecoming"

And busting through the sign...

I wish I had better news about the outcome of the football game, but the Panthers lost 12-21.

Next game is Senior Night and the last game of the regular season. We are all praying for a Panther win!
Let's go Panthers!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nature Trail

On Sunday, Barrett and I did something we had never done before, we went on the Nature Trail walk right off The Natchez Trace. We live only a few miles from The Trace, and it is really beautiful in the fall. The best part was getting to take Bindi! She loved it!

Sorry the picture is turned, I couldn't get it straight!

Here we are in front of one of the waterfalls.

Another waterfall

Under the waterfall!

Barrett really wanted Bindi to swim...she wasn't having it!

These are the picture of the actual 3 mile Nature Walk.


And my favorite from our day...

We were pretty exhausted from our 3 mile walk, but it was so worth it!
God's creation is just beautiful, especially during the Fall in Tennessee!

Pumpkin Patch Fun

This past Saturday, we took Aubrey Grace to the Pumpkin Patch! It was such a fun time, and we really enjoyed being outside on a pretty fall day!
Here is a picture of Dacey, Aubrey and Julia!

At another "photo spot"!

Riding on the train! How cute is she?

Notice the cow with the sunglasses on!
Aubrey wanted Nana's sunglasses on and she wore them the rest of the day!

3 generations!

Aubrey exploring the pumpkins!

She wanted to hold the price tags!

So precious!
My favorite!
What a fun day!

Game #8 at Giles County

On October 15, we played the Giles County Bobcats. I have really been slacking when it comes to taking pictures of the game, but as you can see above, I did get my picture of the sign.
Our boys really played tough and going into the 4th quarter the game was 7-0.
With 5 minutes left in the game, it all fell apart. We ended up losing 21-0.
The next game is Homecoming, and I am really hoping for a Panther victory!

Date Night

My hubby has been pretty busy with football this season, so I was super excited when he told me we were going on a date! He took me to The Beacon Light Tea Room! I had never heard of this cute little restaurant before, but it was quite a treat! They serve little biscuits and homemade peach and strawberry preserves as an appetizer. The food was great, and it was such a great atmosphere for our date! I am so thankful for my thoughtful husband!

Lady Panther Senior Night

On September 30, the Lady Panthers had Senior Night for volleyball.
Pictured from left to right in the picture above are: Mary Anna, Kebrina, Marisa, and Tish!
I have had the privilege to help coach these four girls for the last two years!

Here they are pictured with their cake!

And being goofy....

I have really enjoyed getting to coach and know these great girls!
I wish them the best as they finish up their senior year of high school, and
I hope they have a wonderfully bright future!

Game #7 at Marshall County

On October 1, the Panthers took on Marshall County. I LOVED the sign for this game! The country singer, Kenny Chesney, currently has a song called, "Boys of Fall". The song talks about football teams and towns that love high school football, and that is where this sign gets its inspiration!

I didn't take anymore pictures during this game...I must have been too nervous or too busy cheering.
The Panthers were not able to pull out a victory, and lost 14-25.

Mom & Dad Come to TN

Here are a few pictures I took with Mom & Dad, before we went to dinner, the Saturday night they were here! I was so happy they were able to come visit us!

Lady Panther Volleyball

Mom and Dad were able to come to a volleyball game this year! It was so great having them there! They were our "good luck charm", because the girls played AWESOME!!!!

Mom and I before the game!

My Dad!

Talking with Henry, the ref, before the game!

Game plan!

Can you tell who had the camera? Love this picture!

Pre-game warm up!

Let's Go Lady Panthers!


After the awesome game! The girls won in 3 to beat Spring Hill!

Celebrating after the win!