Saturday, August 4, 2012

14th Doctor's Appointment - 39 Weeks

Thursday, August 2nd was my 39th week doctor’s appointment.  I saw a different doctor at this appointment, but I was actually pretty excited to have the opportunity to talk with another doctor about my progress in the pregnancy and ask other questions. 
My weight was back up to the same amount from my 37 week appointment, making my total weight gain so far 22 pounds.  To be honest, I didn’t even pay attention to my blood pressure when the nurse was taking it, but she didn’t give me any indication that it was not normal.  Lennox’s heart rate was 147 and strong. 
After a little bit of a wait, the doctor came and talked with me.  He has a totally different bed side manner than the doctor who has seen me my entire pregnancy.  He is one that sits and explains things, and really makes you think he has all the time in the world to answer your questions.  I haven’t had a problem with the other doctor, but at this point I feel I am making decisions about delivery it is nice to have another opinion. 

Basically, we started talking about inductions.  He shared with me his feelings about induction and said that he understood me wanting to have the baby on my own, but also explained that waiting past 41 weeks and a couple days would be the longest he likes patients to go.  He said he wanted to check my cervix and then we would talk more about the plan. 
My belly was measuring 37 weeks.  This was not concerning due to the fact that I have routinely measured small, and Lennox has already “dropped”.  I was dilated between a 1 and 2 and he said I was 50% effaced.  Again, I was happy that my body is continuing to progress and get ready for labor.   He also said Lennox’s head was “very low” – which I had definitely feeling over the past few days!  After checking me, the doctor said he wanted to re-check my blood pressure because it had been elevated.  He re-checked and this time it was at the normal range of 120/80.  Then it was talk time!  He recommended me to come back for my weekly appointment early in the week since my first blood pressure reading had been high.  My appointment will be Monday, August 6, and based on that appointment, I would either be induced Wednesday, August 8 (if my blood pressure is high), or at the latest, August 15th if little man hasn’t come on his own.  After talking with him, I felt completely comfortable with the plan!  He told me that he didn’t think I would have to wait until the 15th, that I should be able to go on my own – if my blood pressure stays in check. 

So, we continue to wait!  I really hope Lennox will decide the date he wants to make his appearance…and sooner rather than later!  It is surreal to know that no matter what – we will have a baby on the 15th or 16th!