Monday, February 27, 2012

16 Weeks

February 21 – February 27, 2012

How far along? 16 weeks

How are you measuring? 16 weeks

Size of baby? Baby E is 4.6 inches, 3.5 ounces, and the size of an avocado.

 Baby Development This Week? The baby can now hear my voice due to tiny bones forming in his/her ears.  Also he/she is growing hair, eyelashes and eyebrows.  He/she tongue is also forming taste buds!

Heartbeat? 146 at the doctor’s appointment on February 17.

Total weight gain/loss? Still 0 based upon my daily weights this week.   

Maternity clothes? I’m still trying to make it in my work pants and some regular shirts.  Although I haven’t gained any weight, my belly is definitely poking out.  I can still partially zip my work pants, so I am trying to wear long shirts and my belly band. 

Stretch marks? No, and I am doing a daily inspection! 

Sleep? I would say sleep has gotten better.  I have been pretty tired this week and caught myself falling asleep during some of my favorite shows!  Still waking up to use the restroom at least 1-2 times, but I guess my body is getting use to it.  Or, maybe I am just getting use to lack of sleep…one of the two!

Best moment this week? Having a weekend at home with no plans!  It was nice to stay around our area over the weekend.  I was able to clean the house and just be lazy!  

Movement? I’m really not sure.  I MAY have felt the baby when mom visited last week, but it felt a little like gas bubbles.  This week I was laying in bed Saturday morning getting motivated to get breakfast and felt three possible kicks.  They weren’t hard kicks, so I am still trying to decide what is baby and what is my stomach and normal rumblings!  I am ready to definitely know the baby has kicked me!   

Food cravings? I’m still craving potatoes and ice cream.  The ice cream really isn’t an abnormal craving for me.  

Gender predictions? I think this week I am back to leaning towards girl.  I just don’t want to get my hopes up for a boy and then be disappointed.  I know no matter what this baby is we will love him/her!  

What I miss: I have really missed running this week.  I know I could have run if I would have continued my running, but I was too slack when I found out I was pregnant and didn’t want to overdo it.  B has started dieting and exercising again, and I miss being able to run with my running partner!   Also, B is playing on a co-ed volleyball league and it is so hard sitting watching him play!

What I'm looking forward to: I am still going CRAZY waiting for our gender ultrasound on March 19th.  I am also looking forward to putting the crib together in the baby’s room!

How are you feeling? Still feeling good.  I feel like I don’t have as much energy, but I am hoping by starting to regularly walk again I can build it up.     

Symptoms? I have been feeling a little achy and bloating in my belly.  I have read this is round ligament pain from my uterus stretching.  I have also had itchy/dry eyes lately and I thought it was because I changed my mascara.  I learned this week that dry/itchy eyes are actually a pregnancy symptom!  Basically anything that is out of the norm for me I have been “blaming” on pregnancy!   

Monday, February 20, 2012

15 Weeks

February 14 – February 20, 2012 

How far along? 15 weeks

How are you measuring? 15 weeks

Size of baby? Baby E is 4.0 inches, 2.5 ounces, and the size of a navel orange.

Heartbeat? 146 at my doctor’s appointment on February 17th.  

Total weight gain/loss? 0 pounds!  I confirmed this at my doctor’s appointment.  I definitely know my weight fluctuates, so it has been really hard to tell my weight gain, but my nurse said I still weighted what I did at all my other appointments!  I am enjoying being able to say this now because I know things are going to get bigger VERY soon!   

Maternity clothes? I am still mainly wearing my clothes that are comfortable because I know I will be very limited when I am entirely in maternity wear.
Stretch marks? No.

Sleep? Sleep has definitely improved this last week.  I have been pretty tired by 8:30 or so at night, but I am only getting up 1-2 times for restroom breaks now.   

Best moment this week? MY MOM COMING IN TOWN FOR A LONG WEEKEND!  There were so many great moments over the weekend!  We were able to hear the baby’s heartbeat together at my doctor’s office; we scheduled our anatomy/gender ultrasound for March 19th; Mom was able to see where we would be having the baby; we shopped until we dropped and found a baby crib; Mom helped me to paint a changing table; Mom was able to see where we have been going to church; and we were just able to have great mother/daughter time.  Also, BIG props to my wonderful husband for making a great dinner for us after we had been shopping all day.  I am so very blessed and had a wonderful week. 
Movement? Not really sure.  While Mom was in town she had me lay down on the couch flat very still and tapped on my belly a few times.  I definitely felt something, but it felt like gas bubbles or something.  It did it every time she tapped but I am just still not really sure what I should be feeling to definitely say I felt our little one move.   

Food cravings? Still craving potatoes and sweet stuff.  I have really been chowing down on our Valentine’s Day candy and am trying to limit myself.  I was a little worried about my doctor’s appointment after all the sweets, but everything checked out great!  

Gender predictions? After my doctor’s appointment my mom is just convinced it is a boy due to the low heart rate.  B is still leaning towards boy too.  I just can’t bring myself to have a feeling yet – I would love for a little boy, but a little girl would be just fine too!  We will be finding out on Monday, March 19th and I cannot wait!  Baby E, please cooperate so Mommy and Daddy can know for sure if you are a boy or girl!

What I miss: I miss being able to shop and not feel completely worn out!  I was so exhausted Saturday night after shopping!  I am hoping the weather will get a little nicer so I will be able to start a more regular walking routine that will help bring my energy up. 
What I'm looking forward to: Definitely looking forward to our next doctor’s appointment on March 19th.  It is going to be so hard waiting that long to find out pink or blue!
How are you feeling? Feeling good.  Still feeling so blessed that my pregnancy has been this easy so far!
Symptoms? No major symptoms to write about this week!   

Mom's Visit!

I was so thankful Mom was able to come in town for a long weekend!  Of course I missed my other family members, but it was so great to have her here!  

She flew into Memphis on Thursday evening, and I picked her up after I got off work.  We ate at Chili’s and headed to our house for the night.  Friday morning we headed to my doctor’s appointment.  It was awesome being able to share hearing the heart beat with mom.  If you missed reading about my doctor’s appointment, click here.  After leaving the doctor, we headed to my work.  Mom volunteered at the office and helped do some clerical things we haven’t been able to do.  It was nice to have her there helping.  Friday for lunch, I was able to take her to one of my favorite lunch spots, The Trolley Stop. 

After eating lunch, I headed back to the office for the afternoon, and mom went shopping around Memphis.  It was really hard being at work while mom was out having fun without me!  Friday night we went to eat at Post Office Barbecue with B.  I let him pick where we were eating since he didn’t go out to eat with us Thursday night, and he wanted ribs.  
Saturday was our big shopping day!  As soon as we got up mom and I headed to get doughnuts.  After breakfast and getting ready we headed out.  We started our adventure around 11am.  Our stops included: the mall, lunch at Olive Garden, Babies R Us, Michaels, Old Navy, and 2 different Targets.  We found the baby crib I really wanted at Target, but they didn’t have it in stock so we ended up driving to another store to pick it up. Here is a picture of the crib we picked out:
I really felt so accomplished after finding the crib since that was one of the two things I really wanted to accomplish while Mom was here.  After the last Target stop we were exhausted, and we headed home.  Barrett had stayed home on Saturday and was so kind to cook us a great dinner of grilled chicken, green beans, baked potatoes, and macaroni and cheese.  We just lounged around Saturday night. 
Sunday morning Barrett wasn’t feeling well, so Mom and I headed to church at Crosspointe.  I was excited Mom would be able to see where we have been going to church.  The music and message were great!  After church we ate at a new Mexican restaurant that just opened over the last couple weeks.  I really really miss my Tex Mex and the Mexican food in TN just doesn’t cut it!  Mom and I split fajitas and then ran a couple errands – including a trip to Lowe’s to get paint to paint the changing table to match the baby’s new crib!  After our errands we headed home and started our projects of cleaning out the guest room that will be the baby’s room.  I needed mom and B’s help to get some of the things from the room to the attic.  Being pregnant and not being able to lift and help had me going CRAZY while we were doing this project! 

We were able to get some of the things from the guest room cleaned out but my plan for our guest bed didn’t work out.  I was hoping we could store it in the attic and easily get it down when we needed additional room for company, but our attic entrance was too small.  We are going to give it away or end up trashing it (we have had it for a long time).  I was a little disappointed we weren’t able to totally clean out the room, but we did get a lot accomplished and I have plenty of time to keep working on the room!  Mom was quite the trooper and painted the changing table to match the crib we picked out!  We were able to get it finished and it has been officially moved into the baby room.  Here is a picture of the changing table before...

And after...

Sunday night mom made a great soup.  She just threw things in the pan and it was delicious!  We just hung out again on Sunday night. 

Monday morning we made a quick Starbucks run on the way to the airport.  It was so awesome having mom here, but it was pretty terrible taking her to airport and telling her bye.  I miss my family so much and sometimes I think I miss them more right after they leave.  I wouldn’t change anything about my relationship with my family and am so thankful that God allowed me to have such great parents and siblings!
Thankfully I won’t have to go too terribly long before seeing them again.  We are going on our “Babymoon” with Mom and Dad to New York in March!  I can’t wait!!!
Thanks Mom for a great weekend!  I love you and am thankful you are my best friend! 

4th Doctor's Appointment

On Friday, February 17, 2012, I had my fourth doctor’s appointment!  I didn’t sleep very well at all the night before; because I was SO excited my mom was with me for this appointment!  I knew they weren’t going to do an ultrasound or anything, but I knew they would try to find the heartbeat on the Doppler.  I was so excited for MeMe to be able to hear her first grandchild’s heartbeat! 
My appointment was at 8:40am, so mom and I got ready, made coffee and breakfast, and headed to the doctor!  My doctor’s office is right across from the Women’s Pavilion at the hospital, so I was able to show mom where I would be delivering.  The appointment was pretty standard.  I had to give a urine specimen and do the weigh in.  I was really anxious to see my weight gain at the doctor because keeping track of it at home has been so confusing.  One day I’m up a pound or 2, the next day I’m down.  Well, I am happy to report that I have officially not gained any weight!  I know the days of saying that are very few now, but it feels good to know that I have stayed on track the first 15 weeks at least! It is hard for me to believe I haven’t gained any weight, because I feel larger than I ever have! 
After weighing, my doctor came in and asked the standard questions.  I haven’t had any complications lately, and I very thankful about that.  After talking a few moments she took the Doppler out and started trying to find the heartbeat.  I was a little anxious, because I wanted to hear Baby E’s heartbeat and I know my face showed major concentration with me trying to hear it!  It took her less than 15 seconds, and BOOM – there it was!  Our little one’s heartbeat measure at 146!  I think MeMe was pretty excited!  
After hearing the heartbeat we scheduled my “big ultrasound”.  We will officially find out if Baby E is a boy or girl (if he/she cooperates) on Monday, March 19th at 3pm!  I have already started counting down and can’t wait to find out for sure what this little one will be!  

Monday, February 13, 2012

14 Weeks

February 7 – February 13, 2012

How far along? 14 weeks

How are you measuring? 14 weeks

Size of baby? Baby E is 3.4 inches, 1.5 ounces, and the size of a lemon.

Heartbeat? 164 at the doctor’s appointment on January 23.

Total weight gain/loss? Looking back on the week I have gained a total of 1.6 pounds. It’s really hard to tell my weight loss or gain due to how much my weight fluctuates anyway!

Maternity clothes? I wore a maternity dress this week to work. To be honest, I didn’t really have to wear it, but it was a cute winter looking dress my parents bought and mailed to me. The day before I wore the dress I was really uncomfortable after lunch in my dress pants, so I went ahead and busted out the maternity dress the next day for comfort!

Just a little side note about maternity wear – it looks like I will be in them sooner than later. I tried on several pair of my jeans and only 3 pair will actually still zip. I’m wearing my dress pants to work still with the button unbuttoned and shirts covering the top. I actually had a few people during the week comment about my “bump”. Even though I know you can’t tell by looking yet that I’m pregnant, my belly has definitely grown this week. Use to I would go to bed with a pooch and when I woke up it had gone down. This week was the first week the pooch didn’t go down! Looks like our baby is definitely growing in there!

Stretch marks? No.

Sleep? I had a few nights this week where I only had to go to the restroom 1 or 2 times, so I thought that was a great night’s sleep! I still seem to toss and turn a little more, and I really can’t remember the last time I slept through the night uninterrupted.

Best moment this week? Definitely getting to see B’s family over the weekend. We hadn’t seen them since Christmas, and it was so great to spend time with everyone!

Also, I went to my first consignment sale with Deb and Paula. We picked up a few maternity clothes items and a changing table for the baby’s room! I guess things are slowly becoming more real that soon we will have a little one!

Movement? Not yet.

Food cravings? I have been craving potatoes!!!! Mostly baked potatoes, but I am happy with anything potatoes. B’s grandmother made fried potatoes for Sunday dinner after church and I don’t know that I have ever been that happy about food!

Gender predictions? I guess we are leaning towards a boy, but I will not be convinced until our anatomy scan ultrasound at 19-20 weeks.

What I miss: This week I have missed riding in a car or sitting for long periods of time without feeling “pressure”. I know my posture is to blame and I need to work on sitting up straight, but it feels like I am already running out of room…I still have a LONG way to go!

What I'm looking forward to: There are so many things I looking forward to this next week. My mom is coming for a visit! We have lots of things on our agenda when she comes! She will be able to go to my doctor’s appointment with me, and I hope we are able to hear the heartbeat with the Doppler. After my appointment she is coming to work with me and I am taking her to lunch in Memphis. Saturday and Sunday we are planning on spending time shopping for a crib and cleaning out the baby room! I am so ready for quality time with my mom!

I am definitely looking forward to the doctor’s appointment and hearing the heartbeat! The most exciting thing about the doctor’s appointment on my mind is scheduling the date we will find out boy or girl (our next appointment)!

How are you feeling? Overall I can’t complain. I still have a “stretching and pulling” feeling in my lower belly, but I realize this is normal. I really have to be careful eating large meals because they make me feel so full and uncomfortable. I always felt like I might be getting a UTI this week, so I have been pushing the fluids and cranberry juice.

Symptoms? None really besides a bigger belly this week and frequent trips to the restroom!

Fun Weekend With Family!

This past weekend we were able to take a quick weekend trip to see B's family!  It seemed like it had been forever since we had seen them.  We hadn't seen them since Christmas, so it was great to have time to spend catching up with them. 

Saturday my sister in law, mother in law, my nieces and I loaded up for a quick shopping trip.  I went to my very first consignment sale and picked up a changing table for the baby.  I can't believe I bought my first piece of furniture for the baby's room!  I also found a few maternity items at great prices.  After consignment shopping we shopped for a little while at Target. 

On Saturday night, Deb and I watched Addie and Aubrey while Paula and David attended a Valentine's Day banquet at their church.  Aubrey and I watched Lady and the Tramp, one of my absolute favorite Disney movies! 

Sunday we went to church and then had our normal Sunday dinner after church!  It was such a nice weekend being able to visit with B's family!  I am so blessed to have such a great "second family". 

Here's a picture of me and Addie!  She is growing up so fast!

And Aubrey!  I can't believe how fast she is growing either!  She always has fun with a camera!

Monday, February 6, 2012

13 Weeks

January 31 - February 6, 2012

How far along? 13 weeks

How are you measuring? 13 weeks

Size of baby? According to Baby Bump, the baby is now 2.9 inches, and the size of a peach, and weighs .81 ounces.

Heartbeat? 164 at the doctor’s appointment on January 23.

Total weight gain/loss? This is getting harder and harder for me to measure! I had one morning where I looked to have gained 2 pounds, but then I ended up being right back where I started two mornings later. I am going to say my total weight gain from my first appointment till now is probably around 2 pounds.

Maternity clothes? I’m trying to hold out on the maternity clothes because I know I really don’t have that many items that are late winter/early spring friendly. I have one pair of jeans that I can still button that feel comfortable, and I am wearing my work pants with the button undone. Let’s hope I can hold on a bit longer!

Stretch marks? No.

Sleep? I’ve been sleeping ok. There have been a couple of nights this week where I woke up 4 times to use the restroom during the night! If it weren’t for those interruptions I would be sleeping great! Also, I am still able to sleep on my belly with my weight mostly on my hip. I know when I can no longer stand to sleep on my stomach it will be a bit different.

Best moment this week? Finding out my mom was coming for a visit in 2 weeks! I can’t wait to see her and start cleaning out the room that we will convert to the baby’s room!

Movement? Not yet, I wish I had a countdown for this!

Food cravings? DONUTS!!! A new donut shop opened only 3 minutes from our house and this has been our weakness the last two Saturday mornings. Ok, ok….so maybe we also had donuts Sunday morning for breakfast! To be honest, I haven’t really been eating that healthy and I know I need to change that! I definitely ate my share of queso dip and pizza rolls while we watched the Super Bowl. I don’t think this baby much cares for the healthy stuff I use to love, because after I eat it I feel terrible!

Gender predictions? Still trying to not get our hopes up from the last doctor visit, but I guess I am still leaning towards boy.

What I miss: This week I missed volleyball! Back at the beginning of the school year B and I were “recruited” for a co-ed league. We weren’t sure when the league started, but it is now in full swing. I went to the games on Saturday and had to sit in the bleachers while my team played. It was torture to be sitting while everyone played! I really want to keep going to the games and support B, but it really was hard to sit on the sidelines!

What I'm looking forward to: Looking forward to my next doctor’s appointment on February 17th, especially since my mom will be in town to go with me!

How are you feeling? I have been feeling great. I have been able to finally figure out the foods that make me feel “bad”, and I have been trying to avoid them.

Symptoms? No major symptoms. I have been having a dull cramping feeling in what I think is my uterus. I think it is probably stretching and things are adjusting. I wouldn’t say it has been painful, but it has definitely been uncomfortable. My energy level this weekend wasn’t the greatest, but I just have to remind myself I’m growing a baby!