Friday, September 28, 2012

Coming Home From the Hospital

We came home from the hospital with our little man on Monday, August 13th.  It was fun dressing Lennox in his going home outfit and getting all packed up to head home.  The feelings were bitter sweet.  As crazy as it sounds, the hospital made me feel like we were living in a bubble and our little guy was protected.  Soon we would be taking him out into the big world!  Again, I was so happy that Mom and Dad were staying with us so I could get use to caring for a baby!
Here's a picture of me just looking at our little miracle!

Love this picture of Dad and Barrett trying to figure out the car seat!

All ready to go home!  Look at how tiny he is in that car seat!

Getting escorted out of the hospital!

Once we were home it was time for Bindi to meet Lennox.  The introduction went ok...I really don't think Bindi knew what was going on!

I think she was just happy that we were finally home!

It was so surreal bringing home our baby!  We are so beyond blessed and excited to begin the journey of parenthood with this precious little one!

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