Monday, October 22, 2012

Lennox 1 Month Old

It is so hard to believe that you are a month old little one! Everyone says they grow up fast, and they really really do!  Our first month has been a little more eventful than we would have liked.  We came home from the hospital on Monday, August 13th.  You were able to meet Bindi!  She wasn’t so sure of you, but I know before too long y’all will be best friends!

It was great having MeMe and G-pa staying with us as we adjusted to caring for you!  I really think we would have been scared to death caring for you on our own!

We had your first doctor’s appointment on Thursday, August 21st.  We really liked your pediatrician.  At your appointment your weight was 6 pounds 11 ounces and you had grown half an inch making your height 21.5 inches.  You did so good riding in the car to and from the doctor!  Here are pictures from your appointment...

The weekend after coming home from the hospital you were able to meet your Great Nana, Uncle Reid and Aunt Lisa.  It was so great to spend time with them and introduce them to you.  They were all absolutely crazy about you! 


On Saturday, August 18th, you had your newborn pictures taken at our house!  They turned out pretty cute!  This one was our absolute favorite, but there were many other cute ones.
On Sunday, August 19th, Meme and G-pa had to head back to Texas.  It was so hard telling them goodbye!  Before they left you and your buddy G-pa took pictures with your matching hats!

Sunday night was mine and Barrett’s first night alone with you.  Mommy woke up the next day not feeling well.  You were such a good baby sleeping while Mommy didn’t feel good.  You traveled with us to the doctor that day and then rode with Daddy to pick Meme up from the airport.  She flew back in to help Mommy since she wasn’t feeling well.  Later that night we ended up in the ER because Mommy was so sick.  You were such a great baby through everything! 


Mommy started feeling better the next day and having Meme with us really helped.  Meme stayed another week with us. 

You took your first long road trip to Texas when you were only a little over 2 weeks old!  We rode with Meme back to Texas on Tuesday, August 28th. 

Daddy was sad that we were leaving him for a few days, but he wanted you to be able to meet family and friends in Texas.  You did such a good job riding in the car.  We had to stop several times during the drive to change you and so you could eat.  You were able to meet more of our family and friends in Texas during our visit.  Some of the people you met were: Great Granny and Papa, Great Aunt Vickie and Uncle Jimmy, Connie, Raven, your cousin Rhonda, Coach C, and finally your Uncle Rylie.  Uncle Rylie was in Texas for the Alabama Michigan game that was played in Dallas.  We were so happy you were able to meet him!

Great Granny & Papa

Great Aunt Vickie & Uncle Jimmy


Uncle Rylie


Coach C



We headed back to Tennessee with Meme and G-pa on Sunday September 2nd.  Your Daddy was SO HAPPY to see you and missed you so much while we were gone.  Meme and G-pa left on Monday (Labor Day) and we were able to spend the day with Daddy after he finished at football practice!

    After Meme and G-pa left we were able to finally get use to being at home together while Daddy was at work.  We miss him so much during the day, but you love sitting with him when he comes home from work.  You especially like tummy time on Daddy and listening to Zac Brown Band music. 

We can’t believe how fast time is flying with you!  We already can’t imagine our lives without you and cannot wait to watch you grow!  It has been a busy but exciting first month for you little guy!


Weight: We really aren’t sure about your weight, but maybe 8 pounds.

Length: Around 21.5 inches (we will have to wait until your 2 month appointment for your official length)

Eating: nursing exclusively roughly every 3 hours.  Mommy had been waking you up every 3 hours even at night until you were 3 weeks old.  Now you usually eat around 9:30pm and can sleep until 2 or 3am before eating again.  The rest of the day you eat every 2.5-3 hours.  You haven’t had a problem at all with an appetite but sometimes can be a challenge when it comes to nursing. 

Bedtime: Usually between 10-11pm

Awake: usually awake for the day around 9am, but you usually wake up around 6:30am for a morning feeding then go back to sleep. 

Naps: You usually take a 30 minute to 1 hour nap between each feeding.  Some days you will sleep on mommy’s chest just fine and then when I put you down you only sleep 5 more minutes!  Mommy has to do her chores quickly before you get upset and want to be held.   

Diapers: Newborn

Clothes: Newborn and some smaller 0-3 month.

Favorites: You love your pacifier, the mobile in your crib and pack and play, music – especially Zac Brown Band, Elton John, and Elvis.

Latest Tricks: You have been holding your head up since the day you were born, but you continue to get better “head control”.  You are such a strong little one.  It won’t be long and you will be rolling over.  It has been amazing to watch you figure out how to kick your legs and move your arms.  You have become quite the wiggle worm.  Sometimes it looks like you have figured out how to put your pacifier back in your mouth when it starts slipping out.

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