Monday, February 8, 2010

Red River Ski Vacation

I have been so so so excited to post this post. For Christmas with my family this year, we didn't exchange gifts. Instead, we decided to take a trip. The location was Red River, NM to snow ski!!! Just thinking/writing about this trip makes me smile. I have to say it was by far one of the best vacations I have EVER been on. I never would have guessed how much I would enjoy skiing.

The trip started on Saturday, December 26. Barrett and I flew to Dallas. Early Sunday morning we all piled in the Expedition to start the 12 hour drive to Red River.

Junk in the car...

Here are a few pictures of Reid, Nana and Lisa piled in the car!!!

We stayed at the Auslander. It was within walking distance to the slopes.

Sunday night, after the long drive, we bundled up to walk around the downtown area of Red River. Here are a few of the group photos we took:

Me, Mom, Nana & Reid

Dad & Mom
Me, Barrett, Reid & Lisa
Monday we decided to do a little research on the best price for snow gear and plan out our trip. We spent time shopping around Red River and enjoying the mountainous scenery.

Barrett and Me

Reid and Lisa
Dad & Mom

The Grandkids and Nana!

After walking around awhile, we stopped to enjoy coffee!!!

Reid and Lisa

My Daddy and Me3 generations! Nana, Me & Mom

My Daddy and My Hubby! I am one lucky girl!
Monday afternoon me, Dad, Reid and Barrett (the skiers) picked up our snow gear. As you can tell, Reid couldn't wait to try his out!

Tuesday was Day #1 of skiing and lesson day. Since Lisa, Nana, and Mom didn't ski they shopped and explored around Red River. They stopped by to take pictures of us during our lessons:

Reid, Dad & Me getting ready for lessons
All the skiers getting ready for lessons!
Reid bending down adjusting his "french fries"

Me and B at lessons

Reid and Me getting the hang of it!

Reid and Dad
Barrett and Me! WHOO HOO

Everyone feeling good after lessons!
Wednesday was Day #2 of skiing. We were so excited to hit the trails. I was sad Barrett wasn't in but one of these pictures, but his knees could only take half a day on the slopes. These are pictures I took when we were riding up in the lift and when we were on top of the mountain.

Me and Reid

Reid and Dad

Me and B
Me, Reid & Dad
Riding up the mountain again

Being goofy

Father and Son!

Thursday was the snowmobiling day! Here are pictures from our 2 hour snowmobile ride!

Dad & Mom

Reid & Lisa

Me & B
The whole gang!

While we skied and snowmobiled Nana enjoyed a nice relaxing massage and down time at the room! Isn't she the cutest?!?

Friday we loaded our things and started the long drive home. It was time to say goodbye to Red River. I have a feeling we will be seeing you again!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Christmas with the Earnests

So, I am still playing "catch up" with my blog. I have to put things/events in order or they bother me, so now it is time for me to post about Christmas!

We were very blessed this Christmas! We stayed in Tennessee and enjoyed time with Barrett's side of the family. Christmas Eve night we opened gifts with Barrett's immediate family. There were WAY TOO MANY presents and the living room was a disaster once all the gifts had been opened. I have to say that the best part of the whole gift opening experience was watching Aubrey (our 19 month old niece) open her gifts! Here are a few pictures from Christmas Eve:

Aubrey opening her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD from us!

Barrett's Dad gave us an Alabama snuggie!

Aubrey in her Alabama cheerleader outfit from Pops
The theme of my gifts was Alabama and houndstooth! LOVE IT!
Me, Aubrey (grabbing Bindi's ear), and B! Aubrey LOVES "Binnie"!
Christmas Day Barrett's grandmother made everyone breakfast and we opened gifts. Here are a few pictures and group shots from Christmas Day:

Barrett and his favorite niece!

Me with my favorite niece! :)

Paula, Me, and Miss Aubrey Grace.

Aubrey feels the same about pictures as her Uncle B!

Almost the whole group!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!