Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Catch Up Session

Wow where have I been??? Every time I thought to update the blog I was depressed with how behind I was. I decided to condense what has been going on in our lives since we moved in July. Here is what happened in our lives over the last 4-5 months....

B coached his 4th football season at Brighton. Here are a few of the pictures from the season:

This is my favorite! Love my hubby and this is one of our favorite players! :)

Sorry this picture isn't very big, but it is the team shot for this year. B is the coach on the very end on the left. He is kinda standing away from the group...not really sure why!

I thought it was awesome that Brighton had a football helmet and smoke machine for the "big entrance" every Friday night!

They finished their season 10-2, so it was a great season!

At the beginning of August the Brocks and Higgins came to visit! I was so so excited to have friends who are more like family to visit us and see our new place!

We ate at Rendezvous one night!

We also had Kooky Canucks!

On Saturday morning we stuffed ourselves at Alcenia's. It was great food and we had a blast!

Thanks Brocks/Higgins for coming to visit!!!

Moving on to September....

On 9/7/2011 we were blessed with another niece, Addie Reese!

Look at those little beauties! It is so fun being an aunt!

The weekend I went to meet Addie I took Aubrey for her first time Chuck-E-Cheese. You talk about fun!!

Here she is meeting Chuck-E!

All those games....

All those tickets....

And the tunnels....

I think she had a great time!

On 10/6/11 Mom and Dad came in for the weekend. We have a benefit for work called "Feed the Soul". Needless to say, we had a great time and a fun weekend!

On 10/15/11 we went to the Ole Miss Alabama game!

Me and Natalie!

Us at the game! :)

Rylie and B after the game!

On 10/28/11 B's family was finally able to come down and see our new place! :) We were both really excited they were able to come!

Of course more niece time! :)

On 11/5/11 I met Mom, Dad and Reid in Tuscaloosa for the LSU Bama weekend.

Reid was pumped to be able to get his picture with Devin from the show, "Sweet Home Alabama".

Reid and Dad at the game! Roll Tide!

Walking around campus! Reid, Mom and me!

The weekend before Thanksgiving we headed to see B's family. Of course more niece time!

We were also able to get together with all of our friends for dinner, bowling and blizzards. Luke and Kristen announced they were expecting a baby in June!

I know that was just a quick snapshot of the last few months! I will post Thanksgiving pictures and pictures from our trip to San Antonio next!