Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Addition

Time to update! I am disappointed at how I have been unable to keep up with posting. Hopefully I will be able to do better over the next couple weeks. The most exciting news has to do with the new addition to our family...our new Chihuahua puppy Bindi Lee. Bindi came to be a part of our family on January 16th! I love her! She continues to be stubborn about potty training (which can be expected), but she is doing great learning tricks! She has "sit", "lay down", and "shake" mastered if you have a treat! I had the itch for a puppy for a long time before Barrett finally agreed to let me get a dog. Having Bindi has definitely added a lot of responsibility to our lives, but she has been a lot of fun so far!

Work has been keeping us busy. Barrett has had a lot to do with spring football workouts. I am still traveling a lot with my job. Last Tuesday alone, I put 250 miles on the car! I have also started back with my Masters program in Gerontology. Most all my evenings are spent on the computer working on discussion and class work. At this point I should be finished with the program by May 2010. I cannot wait to be officially done with school...forever!

Check out a few pictures below!